Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Are You Dreaming Of A Sunny Christmas

Every once in a while the traffic is over whelming,
the crowds never ending and the liberal side of
California bothers me but suddenly it's
December 30th, 2013 , the sun us shinning, it's
almost 80 degrees and we are enjoying a beautiful
day with loved ones at the beach.
California Dreaming !

Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Birthdays !

Aubrey Sanders Turned 11
Here Are
11 Exciting Things About Aubrey
1. Aubrey Loves Everything Horses
2. Aubrey Got Straight A's On Her Report Card-One Smart Cookie
3. Her Favorite Subject Is English
4.  She Loves Rocky Road Ice Cream
5. Favorite Food Broccoli ( Red Robin Is Her Favorite All Streamed Up )
6. Her Favorite Restaurant is Blueagva - I need to try this !
7. She Loves Giving Her Testimony
8.  She Is Most Comfortable In A Jacket
9. Her Favorite Article of Faith Is Number 1
10. Aubrey Loves To Go Horseback Riding
11. Aubrey Would Like To Be An Actress



Bradley Sanders Turns 8 This Month
December 28th, 2013
Brad Is Preparing For His Upcoming Baptism
Here Is 8 Things About Brad
1. Brad Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies
2. Brad Loves To Play Infinity Dungeon
3. Handball Is His Favorite Sport
4.Brad Loves Boston Doughnuts
5. Teen Titian's Cartoon Is His Favorite
6. Book of Mormon Stories Are His Favorite
7. Basketball Is Lots of Fun
8. Brad Loves to Rough House and Wrestle 



Kenzie Henao is Turning 7
New Years Eve Rings In Her Birthday Every Year
Here Are 7 Things About Kenzie
1. Kenzie Loves Gymnastics &
Has The Same Coaches As Aunt Cammy and Aunt Katie
2. She Loves Barbies
3. Dancing Makes Her Happy
4. Her Favorite Show Is Princess Sophia
5.Noddles Are Her Favorite Meal
6. Math is Her Favorite Subject
7.  She is Super Aggressive, Scores A lot and Loves Soccer