Sunday, April 29, 2012

Super Woman Has A Birthday

Here's To Our Baby Daughter Katie.
Here is her choice of a Birthday gift from Pops Mark and Mom.
Each Child in our family brings so much joy and happiness.
Today we get to celebrate Katie.
This strong little girl who had everyone on the run ...literally
Still is the strong girl just a beautiful strong woman.
Katie and Mark set out to build the best life possible where they could raisetheir family
and Katie could be home with her and Mark's babies.
That place is Nevada
We miss her everyday.  Her sisters miss their little sister, but
what a life they have built there together.
Family traditions, new friends, wonderful wards. schools that love their family and a place in the community.
Are we proud ....Yes we are.
It's not easy to leave home and make a new one and 
they make it look easy.
Thank you for your testimony and love of others.
Happy Birthday Katie 
We love You !

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gray's Having A Birthday Shout Hurray !

Look at That Smile
I think he knows somethings Up !
It's Grayson's 4th Birthday 
Grayson Is the Little Brother to Kaden, Ryder and Brooki !
With that being said he has no idea he is the " little " brother.
Anything they can do he can and will do.
He has tons of smiles but can stand his ground like a cute little donkey.
He likes going to his school with his sister, loves to swim, sing and is showing real talent in basket ball.
Grayson is the only grandbaby we have that was born out of state he is a true son of Nevada but always just 4 hours away.
We love him dearly !
Happy Birthday to Grayson !
Love Grandpa and Nonnie 

Friday, April 27, 2012

2 Candles To Blow This Year

Happy 2nd Birthday to Little Aurora !
This active little sweetheart is celebrating her Birthday this weekend at the park.
She is a strong an active little girl and loves her family very much.
She loves to tell everyone about her brother " JJ " as she calls him.
She just got a hot pick cast removed from her little leg after 
a little snow boarding accident. That sure didn't keep her down.
She is always smiling and one happy little girl.

Happy Birthday Miss Aurora !