Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 Little Ducks Swimming In The Water

Saturday Morning at 6:30 AM
Quack Quack Quack
Their Back....
Our Friendly Couple of Ducks
I think they have adopted us.
The pretty blue water, the bring green grass filled with worms and even some toys in the pool to 
swim with. 
I think we have made 2 new friends for life.
Any name suggestions  ?


Anonymous said...

Aunt Laurie,
I vote you name them Quackers and Betsy. Those were the names of the baby ducks we had in Utah.
I enjoyed your Easter party. When is the next get together? :)
Love, Reeve

Lauriesconsult said...

Dear Reeve. I am glad you like our ducks. I like Quackers and Betsy. We had a great time at the Easter Party. We had a last minute BBQ today and we said we have to have something soon with your family. Lets plan the next hot weekend when its a free Saturday. Do you like to BBQ ? Do you like Hamburgers, Hot Dogs or Chicken ? I promise to have some ice cream too. We love and Miss You !