Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend In The Wild-Idyllwild

This post is really really about our weekend away for Mark's 55th Birthday !

Okay I admit it.  I am feeling pretty proud of my hard work and new look. 
So my picture gets to go first !

Now for the weekend update.  We went to our first Bed and Breakfast.  It was really fun and different.
At our usual hotels we come and go and no one really pays much attention but at the Bed and Breakfast
you and all the other guests are best friends.  It was a new experience but hopefully we kept up our part of Breakfast conversation.  The food was delicious looking and from what I heard it tasted even better. The common areas were quaint and comfortable.  Streaming cups of cocoa and cozy corners.
The fall colors were amazing.

We spent Saturday in a picnic ground after exploring the city.  We took our lounge chairs and set up a day campground.  Mark had a picnic lunch from the B&B and it was delicious.  We hiked a little, relaxed a lot , played Battleship, read and of course took a nice nap under the pines.  It was a perfect weekend.

Its so nice of Mark to have a Birthday so we could have such a wonderful weekend.

Friday, October 21, 2011

B is For Birthday and Beautiful Brooklynne

All About Princess Brooklynne. Brooklynne is the only sister to three brothers and she loves them dearly.
Brooklynne is a sweet young lady.She is almost always happy,  pleasant and easy going. She is one of her Mommy's best friends and Daddy's little angel. We love Brooklynne's little voice and all her cleverness. We love you Miss Brooki Nonnie and Grandpa
Oct. 21, 2011



She was meant to be born close to Halloween just look at her family !

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Chief Smokealotkeepumall Entertained Alex !

Happy Happy Birthday To One Of Our 
Family Fun Men
Alex is an all round super great guy 
and a wonderful addition to our family.
We really do let Chief Alex and ( His Padre) 
Keep The Campfire's Burning
The Tribe Laughing
And Can Always Count On Him To Keep A Calm Cool Head
We Love You So Much Alex
May You Enjoy Another Happy Year !
A Special Shout Out To
Ramon and Luz
Thank You For Being A Huge Part Of Our Family 
And Sharing Alex With All Of Us !