Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happenings At The Medearis Home in October 2011

 Come One Come All  The Medearis are following the Prophets counsel regarding emergency preparedness 
( Brother Bob pointed this out) We are building water storage and we are more then willing to share our supply with everyone.  We are mindful of the dreadful effects of the economy but we hope that are blessings will be blessing we can share with others.                          Mi Casa Su Casa.  We can't wait to welcome family and friends building great memories that tie our bonds here on earth and extend into the eternities .  Some of our favorite memories were around those great afternoon's on Gottes Lane at Mom and Dad's home. Playing together, celebrating togethers, visiting and sharing the good things and sometimes the bad, praying together, counting our blessings as a family and friends.  Now we continue to build great memories , new memories in Santa Clara, Utah because Mom and Dad have always shared their blessing with everyone family, friends and stranger who become friends even family. Mark and I am so happy to welcome everyone to Lake Elsinore.                                        We are so grateful for our blessings and can't wait to share.

 Now for Halloween.....I know everyone who knows me knows this is My Favorite Holiday.  I loved my trip to Israel and will always remember and treasure that memory.  However I am grateful to be home for Halloween this year. I love the way my husband brings home little Halloween surprises for me.  A skeleton that screams everytime the refridgerator opens ( first found late at night upon pouring a drink of water..SCARY !) New pumpkins...hence Sponge Bob and Mickey Mouse.  Everything is beautiful. I love the colors, the smells, the sights and sounds, the cooler crisper evenings. All  of my sense are awakened. I love that Mark loves to dress in costume.  My counters full of Halloween goodies as I plan for the month.  I love seeing our Grandchildren in their costumes and full of energy and excitement from carefully choosing their costumes, baking with their Moms and Dad's, enjoying holiday treats, planning for their Ward and School Carnivals, decorating their homes, helping plan for celebrations and watching those fun ( sometimes) scary movies.  The common thread is that these these are done as a family, enjoying and treasuring those opportunities to work together.  The special little gifts and goodies prepared for friends, teachers and neighbors teach service for others.  Opportunities to practice many positive teachings we try to instill in our families. 
I have to mention that I love the name given to me by my sister Catte's kids.  Auntie Lollipop because I try to send a little something at Halloween time.  I have given Mark the name of Uncle Marshmallow as he plays a huge role in supporting any and all endeavors ( better know as BIG idea's, schemes, and plots).  I also post these pictures to share with anyone who comes to visit this blog but especially for our grand kids who live a bit far to visit our home.  I promised I would always keep the holiday spirit alive in our family even with my four little girls gone and making traditions of their own.  So here are some decoration around our home and some of my favorite movies for Halloween.  PS I have more movie favorites but I don't want to traumatize anyone !!  

This Was What Mom and Dad Let Us Watch
A Great Memory

This Is Such A Cute Movie
One Of My Never Favorites

This is The Mac Isaac Girls Favorite Movie.
NOT !!
 But the legacy of their Mom showing it to them lives on.           Sorry Girls !

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