Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother May I May May , Turn 31 !

Okay, No One Told Me That After One Comes Thirty More.
And Where The H, E, Double Hockey Sticks Are My BOWS ??
You Call This A Happy Birthday ?
* This is the real story of how Little Bow Peep Got Started*
Now This Is Me Having A Happy Birthday.
The Look A-Like Family-Sunny Yellows and Sky Blue
And Look BOWS !!

Okay 30 Birthdays Later It Turned Out Okay
Happy Birthday Princess Candice

Monday, May 24, 2010

Double Down- 2 Happy Birthday's

How To choose whose pictured first.......I know age before beauty. Sorry Dad but you are just a tad older then Abel. But you both share lots of wisdom and one special day-
Your Birthday's
Honesty speaking both of you are handsome so it was a tough call.
We Love You Both
Have A Wonderful Birthday
But First

Here Is A Birthday Workout For You Both

Hike across green Ireland;
Bike the USA;
Backpack through New Zealand,
But don’t call it a day…
Do yoga in lovely Paris;
Jump rope in Katmandu;
Avoid Italian pasta,
(Well, maybe taste, but don’t you chew!)
Climb atop Mt. Everest;
Do aerobics on China’s Wall;
Lift weights on Mexican Beaches;
And honey, that’s not all…
Shake your booty with native dances
In Fiji and Bora Bora;
Move your body and exercise
Like you’ve never done befora.
Okay; that’s good; you’re finished;
Now you can take a break;
You’ve finally burned enough calories
To have your birthday cake!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Does She or Doesn't She

Is it true ??
Does Mother Know Best ?
How did Mother Get So Smart ?

Mom, Do You Think You Really Know Best ?
Are You My Mother ?
Where would we be in life if we did everything our Mom's told us was best ?

For the answers for these and other thought provoking questions
don't ask me
That's rights Mom's Now Is Your Chance Ask Your Mom Anything On This Blog Dedicated To ALL MOMS EVERYWHERE ! Post Your Thoughts Now .... Then Have A Happy Happy Mothers Day !

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Knotts Berry Day

Spring Fever is upon us and a trip to Knotts Berry Farm was in order. Now the girls have all been going a couple of months but today was my first trip. Knotts is such a great place for the kids to cut lose and have fun. I am amazed at how brave all the grand kids...they go on all the rides that make me dizzy to watch at ground level. The little ones that still don't measure up watch patiently hoping that they will grow before the next visit ( Noah your almost there !) I share this picture below because this was an example of one who is not brave yet. One of the only rides I will go on is the Mining Train. We were in the pitch dark and I notice Amery has her eyes covered, she was so afraid and her Big brother Billy kept an arm around her to keep her safe.

Happy Birthday Mr. Primadona

Okay all kidding aside this man is certainly NOT a Primadona, he just loves the word and perhaps secretly we all wish we could be Primadona's ! I thinks he's more like a Farmer Boy always working, dedicated and an awesome Daddy. While looking for pictures of Bill I realize how hard all the husbands in our family work outside of their was hard to find pictures of the Birthday Boy because he is always working. ( note to self , take more pictures of husbands) Anyway these are some of my favorite pictures of Bill. This engagement popping, hot dog eating, cowboy kicking....Charlie Brown is Today's Birthday Boy and our family loves him.

Scrambled Eggs Never Looked So Good

James gets some special time with Grandpa and Grandma as he welcomed a new sister to the family this week. James calls his new sister, Rose and loves her very much. He came for a short visit and we packed in as much fun as possible. He was such a good little boy. He was happy the whole time. He reminds of Katie's boys when it comes to eating. A big appetite and a great eater. He enjoyed outside playtime, a mini drumstick, a visit to the Dairy and a special trip to see Great Grandpa Hicks. Its always such a wonderful miracle when a new baby arrives but its extra special when Grandparents get to spend a little extra time with grandchildren.