Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Knotts Berry Day

Spring Fever is upon us and a trip to Knotts Berry Farm was in order. Now the girls have all been going a couple of months but today was my first trip. Knotts is such a great place for the kids to cut lose and have fun. I am amazed at how brave all the grand kids...they go on all the rides that make me dizzy to watch at ground level. The little ones that still don't measure up watch patiently hoping that they will grow before the next visit ( Noah your almost there !) I share this picture below because this was an example of one who is not brave yet. One of the only rides I will go on is the Mining Train. We were in the pitch dark and I notice Amery has her eyes covered, she was so afraid and her Big brother Billy kept an arm around her to keep her safe.

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