Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guess who's turning 56 today?

Happy Birthday Mr. Big Cuddly Bear Mark
Better know to some as Big Poppa, Grandpa and my darling dearest.........
We are traveling along the highway and I suddenly remember I haven't created a sweet blog all about Mark.  Shame , Shame on me.  So all I can say is I Love You very much and am so happy to be spending today together.  It been so nicend its only 1:00 .  We are heading to Henderson for some fun alone time and then a big birthday dinner at Lucille's .
We get to celebrate with Katie's Family and now Carissa's family who relocated up to Henderson.We have a few Halloween activities planned and I am sure it's going to be a wonderful Birthday weekend. I love Birthdays where I get to have too.  I promise pictures to follow.  Mark thanks everyone for all their warm wishes !  Love you Birthday Boy

Notice today is National Pasta Day on Marks Birthday so we are having an Italian snack....and look at the special Birthday song!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Mix of Projects and Fun

We just put together an Employer Panel 
to really give us the answers they are looking for in an interview.
I went with the theme Interview Magic.
We expected about 50-60 and had a turn out of 90.
This included our students but also                                             Adult Education Students and those
adults working on their 3rd language.
I made little note pads like you might get a conference.
I am happy its over but going over the successes of the event 
and how to make the next one as god or better.

Best Job Tips
Know your Competion
Never Bash Competition or anyone
Positive Energy
#1 Persistence 

Following this event Mark and I had the opportunity
to attend a Concert.  It was a Country Concert                   sponsored by my favorite
place Cracker Barrel.  The performer was Josh Turner.
He was incredible and I loved that his wife plays in his band.
The Wennings and Sanders have always liked Country and I think Katie and Courtney like it a little bt.
Mark loved it and so I now love it too
Great Way To End A Busy Friday .

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Sweetest Little Cookie Named Brooki Turns 6

It's Brooki The Sweetest Little Cookie's Birthday
Brooklynne is really just a sweet little girl.  She can play rough and tumble with her brothers
but she can also play the part of a princess.
She loves school, dancing, fashion,gymnastics and 
has a very tender heart for animals and people.
Brooklynne will launch into tears at the slightest sad thought or moment.
Happy Brooklynne We Love You  !
Here's some things about Brooklynne Kate Elisaldez

She love California and especially the beach

Cheese Pizza Yummy

Brooki loves to learn about animals 

Healthy Snack Choice An Apple

Tell me the bible story about Jonah, I love to hear

My favorite job at home is folding blankets and towels 

My favorite commandment is Honor Your Father and Mother

Me and The Lalaloopsy 's Have Fun Together

Movie Time Bring On The Three Amigos

I love pink cookies !

Did someone say Pink Cake

I would like to be a Vet for animals

I love to go bowling with my family 
and my favorite people are my very own family !