Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Mix of Projects and Fun

We just put together an Employer Panel 
to really give us the answers they are looking for in an interview.
I went with the theme Interview Magic.
We expected about 50-60 and had a turn out of 90.
This included our students but also                                             Adult Education Students and those
adults working on their 3rd language.
I made little note pads like you might get a conference.
I am happy its over but going over the successes of the event 
and how to make the next one as god or better.

Best Job Tips
Know your Competion
Never Bash Competition or anyone
Positive Energy
#1 Persistence 

Following this event Mark and I had the opportunity
to attend a Concert.  It was a Country Concert                   sponsored by my favorite
place Cracker Barrel.  The performer was Josh Turner.
He was incredible and I loved that his wife plays in his band.
The Wennings and Sanders have always liked Country and I think Katie and Courtney like it a little bt.
Mark loved it and so I now love it too
Great Way To End A Busy Friday .

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