Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Yes, its true we Californians have made it past the biblical rain and even some Utah visitors. Thumbs up for the Tuinei's and their sunny attitudes. I told everyone it was coming and it came. This picture is of the Lake Elsinore School District I work for. This was one of the middle school buses. Gratefully I didn't have to drive the van last week. Needless to say driving was a hazard for anyone who hit the roads, especially all those hard working husbands and Mommy's on Taxi Patrol. I am grateful for the much needed rain but even more grateful that everyone is safe and sound.

Oh and never forget that someday, somewhere, somehow a rainbow finds its way to brighten our damp world.

Got A Blog-Make A Book

I wanted to share one of my newest projects. Actually the project is just a result of blogging. I ordered the blog book for the 1st year of our marriage and all the fun, amazing, happy, and special days that happened in 2009. Today I got that book. It is amazing. All color and bound. Very reasonable for under $35.00.
What a beautiful journal for myself and my family. I didn't start it thinking to print it and this year I will do better with more of my thoughts and dreams. One tip is make sure you add photo's that are still for each blog post you write.
Its fun to do and helps me keep a commandment to keep records for my life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Attention Elisaldez Grandchildren

You are hereby notified that your trip to the movies and Barnes and Noble will take place with Grandpa and Nonnie on February 5th. We will be down to celebrate Kaden's Birthday and reconnect with our Nevada grandchildren. Starbucks here we come !!

Rolling With Nonnie

Christmas Break bought a little extra time for Nonnie to roll with her grandkids.
We couldn't wait to catch the cutest rodents in town The Chipmonks and Chipettes !

Following the movies we decided to exercise our right to read and hit a local Barnes and Noble where everyone was able pick a book. We ended our outting with a last stop at Starbucks for Hot Chocolate.

This was fantastic, tons of fun and the best field trip this Grandma could ask for.
Special thanks to Grandpa for all the love and support he gives me and helps provides our grandchildren !!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today was the first holiday of the 2010 school year. We planned a big beautiful picnic but Mr. Sun did not cooperate with us. Instead the rain came down and floods came up.

Even though road may be rocky it doesn't mean your spirits have to get rocky too...So off to Chuck E. Cheese our group went and I would say say the kids did just fine adjusting to the change. You be the judge !

We always have to mention how much we love and miss the Henderson Nevada Group !

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ringing In Kenzie & 2010

She didn't enjoy the singing ( see below ) but she LOVED the Ice Cream. Yep she's got Renouf in her genes !!

Everytime anyone sang Happy Birthday to Kenzie she plugged her ears. Including when the time the entire crowd at Lucilles sang a Happy Birthday wish for her.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

93 years old, sharp as a tack and loving Christmas. A soft warm blanket , a lunch out with us and a great visit. Christmas Day, Priceless

Hicks is Marks Dad and a pure pleasure to visit. Mark gave me a kiss at lunch and he said .."hey no mushy stuff". Dad we love you !

No Regifting Here

2010 started with our first Field Trip of the year. Mark and I made a trip to Sea World courtesy of The Sanders, The Henao's, The Wennings, and The Elisaldez Families.
This was one of the wonderful and thoughtful gifts given to us by the children and grandchildren. We were excited to use our tickets and we get to use them all year, a huge benefit. We went of Friday and it was a glorious day. The sun was shinning and skies were bright blue. Sea World wasn't crowded and Mark and I really enjoyed a relaxing day visitng with each other and some wild life. We love our Sea World passes but we also received a 2010 picture of 14 grandchildren all dressed in PJ's and as you can imagine this gift was priceless. THANKS FAMILY !!

Christmas Eve With The Lewis Family


We were lucky to have a wonderful evening for Christmas Eve at the home of Mark's daughter Carissa, son-in law, David and little James. Carissa and Troy's mother Lori and husband Rob were there joining in the celebrating, as well as both of their parents and Uncle Troy. It was a large group to entertain and Carissa did a wonderful job of preparing for the evening. Everything looked beautiful and both Carissa and her mother prepared a delicious dinner for everyone to enjoy. One highlights of the evening was a special gift that Carissa and David shared with the family, announcing that they would be bringing a baby girl to the family in the Spring. The new princess will go by Aurora Ann Lewis. What a great way to celebrate !

James was the star of the evening. He was so thrilled to be able to open his packages. Loving his gifts would come later as for Christmas Eve, the biggest present was getting to rip, tear and throw Christmas paper off his treasured gifts.