Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Yes, its true we Californians have made it past the biblical rain and even some Utah visitors. Thumbs up for the Tuinei's and their sunny attitudes. I told everyone it was coming and it came. This picture is of the Lake Elsinore School District I work for. This was one of the middle school buses. Gratefully I didn't have to drive the van last week. Needless to say driving was a hazard for anyone who hit the roads, especially all those hard working husbands and Mommy's on Taxi Patrol. I am grateful for the much needed rain but even more grateful that everyone is safe and sound.

Oh and never forget that someday, somewhere, somehow a rainbow finds its way to brighten our damp world.


Katie and Mark said...

SCARY! I would have freaked out if my kids were on that bus!

Leslie said...

Do you know how positive and uplifting you are? You do know this don't you? From your blog posts, and comments, to your voicemail message. I'm going to start calling you Roses and Rainbow Girl!
That picture of that school van tipped over in the rain was shocking. That could have been you! No wonder you were so afraid of the rain.
I know it was professed to be a biblical donwpour, but I was disappointed. I was expecting a flood.
Well, I love the rain as long as I can stay home in my unsocial cave and not go anywhere or do anything.
So, I do feel bad for people who have to go out there and face the storm.
Thanks for being on Storm watch though, and I had some good news to tell you!
My ring, my ring, I found my ring!
It magically appeared in the laundr room under the sink, on the floor, and under the cupboard. It was a miracle.
A biblical miracle to go along with the downpour!