Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today was the first holiday of the 2010 school year. We planned a big beautiful picnic but Mr. Sun did not cooperate with us. Instead the rain came down and floods came up.

Even though road may be rocky it doesn't mean your spirits have to get rocky too...So off to Chuck E. Cheese our group went and I would say say the kids did just fine adjusting to the change. You be the judge !

We always have to mention how much we love and miss the Henderson Nevada Group !


Katie and Mark said...

That rain can't stop you!! When life hands you lemmons-make lemonade! That's what you guys did! :) Very cute pix. Looked like a great time.

Katie and Mark said...


The Dwelley's said...

The kids had a blast. They always do when we get together with the MacIsaac clan :)