Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home ...WHITTIER

It was hard to believe that the Whittier Stake was celebrating 50 years as a stake, but they were and where would the Renouf family and its 96 family posterity be without that wonderful cornerstone in the faith of our family. Mom and Dad's conversion took place out in Whittier at 15059 Hornell. Whittier 3rd Ward our first experience with a " Ward Family". Bishop Ron Salo was our families first Bishop.
50 Years later The Renoufs along with a multitude of wonderful people held seats of honor in this great Stake Event. We know it takes a village or a ward to make miracles happen but there has to be strong righteous leaders and supportive family members to rally those wards together, buoy those Bishops up and think outside the box.....President/ Bishop Jack Renouf and the best right hand woman Barbara Renouf. What a pleasure to watch hundreds of people long to visit, hug, greet and love our Mom and Dad. We know how wonderful they are, and we also know that they touch the lives of everyone and everything they do. They are the Lords hands and have spread his word and love across the vineyard. While I was not able to attend everything what I did attend touched my heart and strengthened my testimony. Seeing faces from a distant past brought warmth and memories. It served as a taste of what heaven holds for us as we renew those friendships that enhance our life and make us who we are today. It was a pleasure to watch Candice, Bill and their sweet family as played pioneers in the Friday performance. Dad mentioned that evening brought together 4 generations of Renouf's in the Whittier Stake. We are so grateful for the heritage and legacy that the Sanders continue to leave in the Whittier Stake on behalf of our family at the hand of the Lord.

I loved the special sacrament program that was held on Sunday. I am guessing there was at least 1500-2000 souls who came to worship and listen to the words of the great leaders of the Whittier Stake past and present. Sacrament was amazing with some 40 young men all dressed in white shirts bless and pass the sacrament to all in attendance. There was special music and Come Come Ye Saints rang through the building. Each past Stake President was asked to give remarks and each one gave a direct view and dimension to their time serving in The Whittier Stake. Each one expressed great love for the people of the stake as well as the leaders. It was a treat to hear my father give a strong powerful testimony about the Savior Jesus Christ. I was impressed as he mentioned how stubborn he was when the gospel first came to him and admitted it took time. Then with the strength of Nephi he said "if you are being stubborn get over it you are wasting time". He also spoke of a blessing left by (I hope this is correct ) Russell M. Ballard upon the Whittier Stake.

I wrote a few notes about each talk that day but there was one that really touched my heart. It also touched Mark and I am sure you will know why. President Marco said "the Lord will always put people to love and care for us in our path." Mark and I believe this with all our heart. We have a deep appreciation for our Heavenly Father and his great love for us.

It was a special weekend and I am sure I have left out many many key points but it is a memory I will treasure forever.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

Disney's movie Earth Day has been advertising for months and our family has been waiting patiently for its Opening Day. The candy was bought, money saved for tickets and from Henderson to California all my little grandchildren were excited to see their favorite animals.
It was a beautiful movie with all the magic you would expect from Disney. The cycle of life was a little more dramatic then we had expected. Now back in the olden days ( starting in 1963) every Sunday you could watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and you knew what was coming. However this was my first experience watching this cycle of life with a theater full of children and all my grand kids. I would not have traded that experience for anything. What my eyes saw and then my ears heard was everything from rolling laughter to heartbroken crying and some of " kids saying the darnest things". As the animals were running" why are they chasing each other " as Brooklynne put it, Bradley saying " Oh Dear " and of course Noah saying "I hate this movie why did we come see this" All the adults cringed as the music slowed down to an ominous pace, ( immediatly recognized by even the youngest children in the audience) the movie inched along in slow motion and the crowd gasped as the kids couldn't tear their eyes from the screen as poor little weak ones were caught and became a snack. The amazing power of animal mothers and entire communities protecting their young was miracleous. Aubrey, thought the monkeys' walking in the water with their arms held up in disgust reminded her of Aunt Leslie. I would love to hear comments your group made or ones I missed, it was a wonderful way to spend earth day and I think our family alone is responsible for planting 15 Trees.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Grandma's Favorite Poem

Betty At The Party

"When I was at the party,"

said Betty, aged just four.

"A little girl fell off her chair,

Right down upon the the floor;

And all the other little girls

Began to laugh, but me.

I didn't laugh a single bit,"

Said Betty seriously.

"Why not?" her mother asked her,

Full of delight to find

That Betty, bless her little heart,

Had been so sweetly kind.

"Why didn't you laugh, my darling?

Or don't you like to tell?"

"I didn't laugh," said Betty,

"Cause it was me that fell."

Cammy- Abel and Their Little Chicks

Our First Easter

Happy Easter

All I need to know
I learned from the Easter Bunny!
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
There's no such thing as too much candy.
All work and no play can make you a basket case.
A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.
Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
Some body parts should be floppy.
Keep your paws off of other people's jelly beans.
Good things come in small, sugar coated packages.
The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.
To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.
The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.
May the joy of the season fill your heart.
Happy Easter

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chapter One Starts

April 5, 2009-We are moving towards our two month anniversary and a continuation of a long long friendship we started some 35 years ago. Mark and I have both been blessed with seven children that are now yours, mine and ours. We have had a whirlwind courtship, marriage and now a life. Best friends for a long time and now best friends in an exciting partnership that merges two wonderful families. We are proud of each of our children and all that they do in their busy lives. We are incredibly lucky to share 15 Grandchildren. We plan on adding many many chapters to our story....We know most will be happy and yet some may be challenging but today was our semi annual conference on TV and to hear words of our prophet reminding of those truths we hold so precious gives us hope and strength to finish our story with our Saviors love and example. We know that our Redeemer lives.

Tyler and Madeline's Welcome Tour To Santa Barbara

Surf and Turf With The Medearis Family

SPLASH Down In Temecula

Justin's Birthday Skates On By

Another Year Bites The Dust

Saturday, April 4, 2009