Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

Disney's movie Earth Day has been advertising for months and our family has been waiting patiently for its Opening Day. The candy was bought, money saved for tickets and from Henderson to California all my little grandchildren were excited to see their favorite animals.
It was a beautiful movie with all the magic you would expect from Disney. The cycle of life was a little more dramatic then we had expected. Now back in the olden days ( starting in 1963) every Sunday you could watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and you knew what was coming. However this was my first experience watching this cycle of life with a theater full of children and all my grand kids. I would not have traded that experience for anything. What my eyes saw and then my ears heard was everything from rolling laughter to heartbroken crying and some of " kids saying the darnest things". As the animals were running" why are they chasing each other " as Brooklynne put it, Bradley saying " Oh Dear " and of course Noah saying "I hate this movie why did we come see this" All the adults cringed as the music slowed down to an ominous pace, ( immediatly recognized by even the youngest children in the audience) the movie inched along in slow motion and the crowd gasped as the kids couldn't tear their eyes from the screen as poor little weak ones were caught and became a snack. The amazing power of animal mothers and entire communities protecting their young was miracleous. Aubrey, thought the monkeys' walking in the water with their arms held up in disgust reminded her of Aunt Leslie. I would love to hear comments your group made or ones I missed, it was a wonderful way to spend earth day and I think our family alone is responsible for planting 15 Trees.


Katie and Mark said...

LOL That was a fun experience wasn't it? Ryder said, "I liked that movie, but it was kinda' sad because that Daddy Polar Bear dies."

Brooklynne kept saying, "Oh no-He's gonna' eat him!"

Kaden enjoyed it as well, but thought it was a little sad. He kept saying it was the circle of life. Like how we eat meat. Very logical and level headed! : )

Catherine said...

What a fun activity for you and all your grandkids. I don't know how I missed it, but I never even saw a preview for this movie. I guess we're out of it here in Utah. =) I love hearing all your great ideas for activites, maybe we'll have to rent this one, next Earth day.