Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mark's 1st Birthday

Yes, Mark is really having a 1st Birthday as a whole new man. Father to 7, grandfather to almost 15 and 1/2. Uncle to countless nieces and nephews, and has gained new parents in laws, not mention the famous new brothers and sisters comic relief club.

With everything going in our life and as busy as it gets I hope Mark knows how much happiness and rejoicing has gone on in heaven and earth to have him be the head of our family.

What a wonderful joy Mark is to all that know him and I know Hicks, Evelyn and all those brothers and sisters were happy to welcome this baby to their family.

Happy Birthday Mark, thank you for all the many many things you do for each and everyone in our family.


A Lot Of Fun In The Henderson Sun

I am finally back blogging and I am way behind. My computer was down visiting the Dr. now shes home and I have so many things to catch up on. Some are out of order but Mark and I have been having a great October. Mark took me to a wnderful Pumkin Patch, its was right in the county (2 miles from our house ) We loved it but it seemed everyone there had their chldren or grandparents and granchildren. Well I got in the car and burst into tears, poor Mark. Now I can admitt that nap time nd relaxing time I never bust into tears of missing everyone to the pont of crying All I can say is enjoy every minute with those priceless thngs in your life ...your famiy. My month turned around...that night the Henaos surprise us with a visit and back to the pumkin patch we went...( watch for those photos next ) It is now Oct. 27 and Mark and I have been to 5 pumpkn patches from San Diego To Henderson. The Elisaldez kept us entetained, amused and well fed. Thanks to our children,gradcildren and their pets for loving us so much !

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was the official start of Mark's Birthday Weekend. We started out the day in an excellent way by spending time with The Lewis Family. We just love to watch our grandson James run around and really enjoy the whole pumkin patch experience. Loved to see his smiles and excitement at the smallest little things like running around hay bales and swinging from a tree. We finish our morning off with lunch at a Mexican food resturant where we all had our first deep fried avacado's wedges. Two thumbs up from every single one of us.....Out next stop was camping for Marks Birthday. Watch for Highlights.