Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Lot Of Fun In The Henderson Sun

I am finally back blogging and I am way behind. My computer was down visiting the Dr. now shes home and I have so many things to catch up on. Some are out of order but Mark and I have been having a great October. Mark took me to a wnderful Pumkin Patch, its was right in the county (2 miles from our house ) We loved it but it seemed everyone there had their chldren or grandparents and granchildren. Well I got in the car and burst into tears, poor Mark. Now I can admitt that nap time nd relaxing time I never bust into tears of missing everyone to the pont of crying All I can say is enjoy every minute with those priceless thngs in your life ...your famiy. My month turned around...that night the Henaos surprise us with a visit and back to the pumkin patch we went...( watch for those photos next ) It is now Oct. 27 and Mark and I have been to 5 pumpkn patches from San Diego To Henderson. The Elisaldez kept us entetained, amused and well fed. Thanks to our children,gradcildren and their pets for loving us so much !

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Katie and Mark said...

Oh! That was SO much fun! We ALWAYS love having you! Thanks for coming up. We love you and miss you...Especially, ROCKY! ;)