Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mallory's Swimming, Always Swimming

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, always swimming, what do we do we swim all day !
Amazing Mallory did just that she swam and she swam and she swam. That girl is unbelieveable in that pool. We were so lucky to attend Mallory's CIF Waterpolo game. The game was fierce. The other team had information on exactly who to throw a body on and that was our dear Mallory. We know it is part of the game but WOW that little girl took a licking and kept on ticking. She had an amazing amount of strength. Her team battled like champs but it was not to be. They were pretty sad and we all felt their pain but Mallory's biggest fans her Father and Mother comforted her and then her extended family and in term she then facebooked how proud she was of her team. Mallory never gave up and kept of swimming to an amazing personal victory.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nappy Time Froggy

Grandpa and Nonnie went out one day and there lay a frog taking a little nap in the sun. He has been napping for days. He must have been a very hard working frog.
In his honor I have sent you my little grandchildren a new song about a frog.
So sing it for Froggy today !!

Little Green Frog

(Action Song! Actions in [ ]'s)

Mm, Mm went the little green frog one day,
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm"]
Mm, Mm went the little green frog,
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm"]
Mm, Mm went the little green frog one day,
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm"]
And they all went Mm, Mm, Aahh!
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm" and open mouth wide for Aahh!]

We all know frogs go, [CLAP]
Lahdeedahdeedah! [CLAP]
Lahdeedahdeedah! [CLAP]
We all know frogs go, [CLAP]
They don't go [stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm" and open mouth wide for Aahh!]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunshine , Blue Skies and True Sisterhood


In my heart I believe that this is what sisterhood is about. Everyone came together, helped to love, nurture and watch each others precious children. Snacks are brought to share with everyone. Mothers teach little lessons over tiny disagreements in the kindest ways. Valentine bags were made and valentines passed out and Grandpa Mark treated everyone ( even strangers) to delicious king size cupcakes. The little kids and the big tweens look out for each other and everyone enjoyed the beautiful day the Lord blessed us with. It is such a pleasure to enjoy all the mothers, daughters , friends, cousins, aunts but most of all knowing we are sisters in Zion.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Makes The World Go Round

Once upon a time back in 1976, I wrote to a handsome young man that I would marry him on Valentines Day 1978. ( PS this letter was found 2 months after Mark and I got married in 2009) That day day came and went and that couple went different directions. Time flies and in 2008 that same couple a few years older, wiser gray ( only my hairdresser knows for sure ) decided they better keep that date and married on Valentines Day 2009.
1 year later here we are celebrating our first year as Mr. and Mrs. Medearis In those between years we were blessed with 7 incredible children What a blessing they have been. Yes we have had lots of happy memories and a few challenges but today is the best day of the rest of our life for time and eternity. Thank heaven our Father in Heaven knows who we are and where we belong. Thank you for returning the missing piece of our puzzle so we could find our way back home !!

A Visit With The Croc & Rock FAmily

There is always a dancing party going on at the Wenning's House and homework, scouts, playtime and family fun. Its always a fun time visiting their house and watching all these little ballerina's come in and out so happy to see Miss Cammy. Justin always helps take care of Cambel and it really is a family affair. It was nice because we also got a trip over to Target ( I do believe this is the grand children's favorite place ) next to Disneyland. Iccee are the best price in town and the popcorn the freshest. Justin, Avennly and Cambel all picked a toy and then we headed home for a pizza pie ( well and one stop for McDonalds) It is always a blast so much fun getting to visit. Avennly taught me to draw a cat. The best cat I have ever drawn, Justin attempted to explain a war game on the computer and Cambel loves to find the smallest place in the house to hide from me in....Abel and Cammy joined us for dinner and it was a great way to spend my time with the Wenning's, Love them all tons. Can't wait for my next visit !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time With The Henaos

Last week I was able to visit good old Downey. My very favorite thing in Downey is the Henao family. I try to visit each family at least once a month individually and any holidays or birthday's that allow extra visits. I really enjoy visiting each home. Getting to know the grandchildren in there own space is really a special memory. I love to see the things that are special to them. I love to hear them bless the food and say their prayers. It is also a treat to see my daughters as mothers in their own homes. I had a great time visiting with Courtney, McKenna, Noah and Kenzie. ( we missed Alex but he was at work to bring home the bacon ) We got to go to Michaels, Target, In and Out and of course McDonalds. One of the best part's was just spending time with them at home , enjoying the meals, putting puzzle's together ( well Kenzie did, this is her new passion) and watching some Disney Shorts. I am so grateful to my husband who supports me and allows me to work a flexible job where I can find time to bond, nuture and love my children and grandchildren.

Monday, February 8, 2010

On Holiday in Henderson

I love the English term on holiday. I think I will try to use it more often. While on holiday in the land of the Elisaldez aka Henderson, Nevada. We try hard to make all of our grand children's birthdays. So far we have done pretty good and we hope to always make as many as possible . So in the spirit of Birthdays we headed up to Henderson to celebrate Kaden's 7th Birthday. We also got to spend some quality time with each one of our grandchildren. We did lots of fun things but a new tradition I hope we can keep up is taking the grandchildren to Barnes and Noble once a year to pick a book. I love to read and Aunt Leslie told me that it is so important for the kids to own their books, ones that they pick to love and cherish. Katie and Mark always open their home with warmth and love. We love the entire family and always enjoy every precious moment in time we spend together. PS we even really like Rocky and Frosty.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday To Kaden Elisaldez. Kaden shares this special with Punxsutawney Phil.
Kaden is 7 years old and a wonderful young man. We love you Kaden and can't wait to spend time with you and your family this weekend. I'm pretty sure we have some Birthday gifts for you and party favors for Ryder, Brooki and Grayson. Maybe even something for Rocky. Thanks for bringing so much happiness to our life.

Toys R Us & Pick Up Sticks

There are many priorities which must be met in this life. All have an important role in helping to build a full and happy life. One is spending time with my husband. He is always fun to be with and anyone who knows Mark knows why. He is just simply a happy guy. Next to Mark , (well right up at the top along side him) are my visits with daughters and grandchildren. There is nothing like watching our daughters mother and love their young. Spending time with them is a priority that brings priceless blessings and memories.

I want to give Candice two thumbs up. She got her skinny jeans with lots of hard work. All my darling daughters got skinny jeans aka skinny genes. Way to go Candice !

James Conquers The Costume Box

James and Carissa came up for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We explored the property till it was too cold for his Mommy and me. James would have played outside all night.
He is all boy and loved all the dirt and throwing rocks. Mark brought home a delicious dinner for all of us to enjoy and then James proceeded to find the costume box. This box has always been a long time favorite of generations of grandchildren. ( right Mom and Dad ) James went on an American Safari and then off to his home in Carlsbad.