Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toys R Us & Pick Up Sticks

There are many priorities which must be met in this life. All have an important role in helping to build a full and happy life. One is spending time with my husband. He is always fun to be with and anyone who knows Mark knows why. He is just simply a happy guy. Next to Mark , (well right up at the top along side him) are my visits with daughters and grandchildren. There is nothing like watching our daughters mother and love their young. Spending time with them is a priority that brings priceless blessings and memories.

I want to give Candice two thumbs up. She got her skinny jeans with lots of hard work. All my darling daughters got skinny jeans aka skinny genes. Way to go Candice !

1 comment:

Katie and Mark said...

FUN! We cannot wait to spend time with you!

Candice, you are one HOT MAMA! :D Way to go!