Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mallory's Swimming, Always Swimming

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, always swimming, what do we do we swim all day !
Amazing Mallory did just that she swam and she swam and she swam. That girl is unbelieveable in that pool. We were so lucky to attend Mallory's CIF Waterpolo game. The game was fierce. The other team had information on exactly who to throw a body on and that was our dear Mallory. We know it is part of the game but WOW that little girl took a licking and kept on ticking. She had an amazing amount of strength. Her team battled like champs but it was not to be. They were pretty sad and we all felt their pain but Mallory's biggest fans her Father and Mother comforted her and then her extended family and in term she then facebooked how proud she was of her team. Mallory never gave up and kept of swimming to an amazing personal victory.

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Leslie said...

Oh, this was a nice post. Thanks Euny.
Poor Mallory. It was such a sad game.
I'm so glad you and your girls were there. Thanks for coming to cheer for Mal and watch her play.
The saddest part was watching her try and keep her chin up in the water, and knowing she was crying.
The hardest part was watching her go under and get clobbered. What a game! Oh, well. She's had a great 4 years, and this morning she was up at 5am to keep swimming, swimming, just keep swimming.