Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Visit With The Croc & Rock FAmily

There is always a dancing party going on at the Wenning's House and homework, scouts, playtime and family fun. Its always a fun time visiting their house and watching all these little ballerina's come in and out so happy to see Miss Cammy. Justin always helps take care of Cambel and it really is a family affair. It was nice because we also got a trip over to Target ( I do believe this is the grand children's favorite place ) next to Disneyland. Iccee are the best price in town and the popcorn the freshest. Justin, Avennly and Cambel all picked a toy and then we headed home for a pizza pie ( well and one stop for McDonalds) It is always a blast so much fun getting to visit. Avennly taught me to draw a cat. The best cat I have ever drawn, Justin attempted to explain a war game on the computer and Cambel loves to find the smallest place in the house to hide from me in....Abel and Cammy joined us for dinner and it was a great way to spend my time with the Wenning's, Love them all tons. Can't wait for my next visit !

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Katie and Mark said...

Cute pix! I loved the pictures of Cammy's dance studio. It looks adorable and fun-