Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time With The Henaos

Last week I was able to visit good old Downey. My very favorite thing in Downey is the Henao family. I try to visit each family at least once a month individually and any holidays or birthday's that allow extra visits. I really enjoy visiting each home. Getting to know the grandchildren in there own space is really a special memory. I love to see the things that are special to them. I love to hear them bless the food and say their prayers. It is also a treat to see my daughters as mothers in their own homes. I had a great time visiting with Courtney, McKenna, Noah and Kenzie. ( we missed Alex but he was at work to bring home the bacon ) We got to go to Michaels, Target, In and Out and of course McDonalds. One of the best part's was just spending time with them at home , enjoying the meals, putting puzzle's together ( well Kenzie did, this is her new passion) and watching some Disney Shorts. I am so grateful to my husband who supports me and allows me to work a flexible job where I can find time to bond, nuture and love my children and grandchildren.

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Katie and Mark said...

Good times! Gotta' love those trips to In-&-Out! My favorite!!!!