Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunshine , Blue Skies and True Sisterhood


In my heart I believe that this is what sisterhood is about. Everyone came together, helped to love, nurture and watch each others precious children. Snacks are brought to share with everyone. Mothers teach little lessons over tiny disagreements in the kindest ways. Valentine bags were made and valentines passed out and Grandpa Mark treated everyone ( even strangers) to delicious king size cupcakes. The little kids and the big tweens look out for each other and everyone enjoyed the beautiful day the Lord blessed us with. It is such a pleasure to enjoy all the mothers, daughters , friends, cousins, aunts but most of all knowing we are sisters in Zion.


Katie and Mark said...

Mothers....Sisters....Cousins....Aunts....Friends....Sons....Brothers...It all looked SO perfect! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

The cupcakes look INSANE! :)

Candice and Amery looked great with a little baby! LOL ;) Is she sure she does not want another one???

Liz said...

Thanks for always having such fun get togethers. My life has been so blessed with great friends from your family. We love you guys! Thanks to Mark for the cupcakes, I've never seen Charlotte's eyes so big :)