Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 Little Ducks Swimming In The Water

Look who's using our pool !
I think we had these ducks about 25 years ago and they finally found their way home.
Mark awoke me early this morning to watch these two little ducks having quite a good time in our backyard eating worms and taking a swim.

When you think life tough just remember to get back up

Okay every single person/ grandchildren that has watched this has laughed and laughed and laughed.
It never get old.
At first we felt bad for them but look it all turned out okay.
Perhaps a great life lesson even if we don't always see the bigger picture.

52 ...are you kidding !

Dear Birthday This is all the coverage I am giving to the fact that I turned 52.
Yes I had fun
Yes I was with people I loved
Yes I got really nice gifts
Yes I can wait wait for my next Birthday
Please stop making me older can't we start counting backwards.
Thank you

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Have A New Teenager In The Family

Happy Birthday To The New Teenager
are just a few of the hobbies Justin loves.
He is a great big brother and huge help to his family.
We love you Justin and hope this 13th year of your life will be filled with lots of new adventures,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Bug Means Personal Study : (

I am home sick this morning.  I was up last night with a little stomach bug that didn't want to leave this morning. So off Mark went with all my responsibilities...deliver f lowers, deliver RS notebook, deliver new rolls to Primary, Nursery and Young Women's.  Give a Proposal to the Bishop and take care his sign up sheet for Building clean up.  Busy man today in the service of the Lord and his wife  Thanks Mark.  I have been studying the Book of Mormon and the words of Isaiah .  However I have been reading Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling and I love this part where Joseph Smith's Grandfather gives this message to his family.  I was very touched by it and wanted to share it.

"Wherefore my dear children, I pray, Beseech, and adjure you by all the relations and dearness that hath ever been betwixt us, and by the heart rendering pangs of a Dying father, who's soul hath been ever bound in the bundle of life with yours, that you know one another visit (as you may) each other, comfort, counsel, relieve, succour, help and admonish one another and while your mother lives, meet here ( if possible once every year ) when she is dead, pitch on some other place; if it be your older brother's house or if you cannot meet, send to and hear from each other yearly and oftener if you can. And when you have neither father nor mother left, be so many fathers and mothers to each other, so  you shall understand the blessings mentioned in the 133 Psalm. "- Asael Smith

Psalms 133 : 1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Celebrating Cammy !

Noah was practicing Soccer and came a little late for the party and I missed his picture.
Now Noah won't laugh about this today but he cracks me up.  He suddenly realized the pizza was cold and 
his lip started to quiver and his eyes got full of tears....Reason 
Noah can't eat cold pizza or have it reheated ( he has food issues )
He was sure his mother knew this when she made him go to soccer.
All was fixed with an order of a personal pan pizza hot and delicious.

We were also missed Justin
Who wasn't with us.
:  (

Thursday, March 8, 2012

No One Told Me I Would Turn 30 One Day

Yes its true Cammy
You Can Turn 30
So Lets Celebrate
March 9th, 1982
Ms. Cammy joined our family,
Our Beautiful Third Daughter
I remember every detail of her birth.  I know what I was wearing, what time it happened and exactly where I was at that moment.  I also know that I was planning to welcome a bouncing baby boy !
Yep that's what Dr, Ryan said.  He said "slow steady heartbeat I'm sure its a boy" .
We were ready.  Baby blue pj's.  Baby blue bib and a soft blue blanket.
And then the special moment came, Dr, Ryan said "well ten finger and toes but no pecker"
My little boy turned out to a little girl and we couldn't be happier.
We sent for some pink clothing and found the perfect name Cammy.
Happy Birthday Cammy we love you. !