Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Makes The World Go Round

Once upon a time back in 1976, I wrote to a handsome young man that I would marry him on Valentines Day 1978. ( PS this letter was found 2 months after Mark and I got married in 2009) That day day came and went and that couple went different directions. Time flies and in 2008 that same couple a few years older, wiser gray ( only my hairdresser knows for sure ) decided they better keep that date and married on Valentines Day 2009.
1 year later here we are celebrating our first year as Mr. and Mrs. Medearis In those between years we were blessed with 7 incredible children What a blessing they have been. Yes we have had lots of happy memories and a few challenges but today is the best day of the rest of our life for time and eternity. Thank heaven our Father in Heaven knows who we are and where we belong. Thank you for returning the missing piece of our puzzle so we could find our way back home !!


Catherine said...

How sweet Laurie. I thought about you two yesterday. Happy Anniversary!

Katie and Mark said...

Happy Anniversary! I wanted to call you, but I had ZERO reception at the cabin. I hope your day was wonderful. Congrats on the last year. We love you guys-

Babs Renouf said...

And they lived happily ever all true stories end.Happy Moments, Dad and Mom