Saturday, January 23, 2010

Got A Blog-Make A Book

I wanted to share one of my newest projects. Actually the project is just a result of blogging. I ordered the blog book for the 1st year of our marriage and all the fun, amazing, happy, and special days that happened in 2009. Today I got that book. It is amazing. All color and bound. Very reasonable for under $35.00.
What a beautiful journal for myself and my family. I didn't start it thinking to print it and this year I will do better with more of my thoughts and dreams. One tip is make sure you add photo's that are still for each blog post you write.
Its fun to do and helps me keep a commandment to keep records for my life.

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Katie and Mark said...

Is it a long process to figure out what you are putting in the book, and what website did you do it through? I REALLY want to do that-