Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Once Upon A Time In A Galaxy Far Far Away Alex Was Born

Happy Birthday to our Stars Wars lover, The My Gym Monkey,
The Man behind all the best voices, the man who makes children laugh and feel so good about themselves.
Our very own  celebrity ...Give it up for Mr. Alex Henao We love you Alex and wish you a Happy Birthday
This year we had everyone fill out an "all about you" sheet so lets celebrate Alex's Birthday by getting to know him just a little better.

He loves Lasagna .....

His most embarrassing moment was riding his bike and the front wheel came off....
and you can imagine the rest

He loves the Brazilian Soccer Team

Alex loves camping and adventures

Hawaii is his favorite get away

Let's play Lego's

Alex loves the parable of the lost sheep !

Lets Go Eat at The Summitt House in Fullerton 

Lets Travel Somewhere, Anywhere 

Did you know I love ice cream cake 

Put a Vaccum in  my hand at home and that's my favorite task

I love the miracle of Moses parting the Red Sea

I love to play, watch and coach Soccer !

Most of All I Love My Family of Five 
I mean My Family of  6 !!!

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Anonymous said...

Nonnie!! You did such a good job!! I love it! I'm sure my Daddy will too(:
Love ya tons! I really wanna see u soon though.....