Monday, October 8, 2012

He Dribbes, Shoots and Scores a Perfect 8 Birthday !

Happy Happy 8th Birthday Ryder Michael!
This gentle young man is one Giant Force on the Basketball Court.
He is the second son in his family and gets along well with his brothers and sisters. He has such a soft heart and would do anything for anyone.
We love you Ryder .
Happy Happy Birthday

Here's a Few Things About Ryder.......

He loves the 3 Amigos

His favorite job at home is unloading the dishwasher.

Surprise ! Ryder wants to be a professional Basketball Player 

Ryder wants to study all about Basketball Greats 

Ryder wants to learn all that he can about Basketball

Ryder's favorite dessert is his Mothers Soda Pop Cake 

Ryder's happiness moment is when his team won the championship

Ryder's favorite hobby is Basketball

Ryder loves to play Board Games with his family !

Ryder loves to  make cupcakes 

Ryder plans to visit Hawaii 

My favorite snack is Slim Jims

I love to write 

Some of Ryders Favorite Friends
His Family 

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