Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother May I May May , Turn 31 !

Okay, No One Told Me That After One Comes Thirty More.
And Where The H, E, Double Hockey Sticks Are My BOWS ??
You Call This A Happy Birthday ?
* This is the real story of how Little Bow Peep Got Started*
Now This Is Me Having A Happy Birthday.
The Look A-Like Family-Sunny Yellows and Sky Blue
And Look BOWS !!

Okay 30 Birthdays Later It Turned Out Okay
Happy Birthday Princess Candice

1 comment:

Leslie said...

What on earth is little bow peep doing without a bow?
She does look awfully pretty with her blonde hair and little pink sweater.
I remember that blanket she is sitting on.
Mom made it.
I remember the big wooden quilt frames she had to put it on.
Maybe Little Bow Peep could make some quilts along with those bows.
All right, I hope May-May had a Happy Birthday.
Can't wait to see her, the girls, all the grandkids, and my boyfriend Bradley this summer. Only 9 days
to go!