Monday, May 24, 2010

Double Down- 2 Happy Birthday's

How To choose whose pictured first.......I know age before beauty. Sorry Dad but you are just a tad older then Abel. But you both share lots of wisdom and one special day-
Your Birthday's
Honesty speaking both of you are handsome so it was a tough call.
We Love You Both
Have A Wonderful Birthday
But First

Here Is A Birthday Workout For You Both

Hike across green Ireland;
Bike the USA;
Backpack through New Zealand,
But don’t call it a day…
Do yoga in lovely Paris;
Jump rope in Katmandu;
Avoid Italian pasta,
(Well, maybe taste, but don’t you chew!)
Climb atop Mt. Everest;
Do aerobics on China’s Wall;
Lift weights on Mexican Beaches;
And honey, that’s not all…
Shake your booty with native dances
In Fiji and Bora Bora;
Move your body and exercise
Like you’ve never done befora.
Okay; that’s good; you’re finished;
Now you can take a break;
You’ve finally burned enough calories
To have your birthday cake!

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