Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Penny Pickles

Penny Pickles is in Temecula.  Professor Pickles loves to invent.  We spent some time there checking out his cool creations.  It was a beautiful day and we continued over to Rosa's Cantina                               for a little lunch.
We then took a little adventure looking for Kobe Bryant's House in La Cresta.  I was taken there once and so we searched and search we finally found the house but the gardener said it was another NBA Player. I think it was to throw us off track.  It was actually a beautiful day and we pulled over did some hiking.  We also had a great time throwing rocks at a wood fence.  It was so much fun trying to hit the fence.  Needless to say all of Katie and Mark's kids hit that fence dead on several times.  Actually we all hit that fence thank you very much.  We finished with some yummy Thrifty ice cream.
Bed never looked so good.
We love when company comes !

The Elisaldez Family March 2012

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