Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Means Teaching Heavenly Father's Little Ones

It's a beautiful Sunday.  The sun is shinning, the birds are singing and I am getting ready to go
and enjoy a Sacrament meeting, renew my covenants and learn more about 
the things the Savior would have me learn this day. 
Then.....It's off to Nursery.
I love my new calling.  My total attitude about the ward has been brightened by this calling. I know this was an answer to my prayer.  The first week was a little challenging since the little angels are very young.
This week I am going into the fray better prepared .  Lots of physical movement and twice the snacks for two snack times.
( Aunt Leslie's suggestion)

This week's lessons is 
I Love My Family.
This is a lesson I am very comfortable with because 
I do love my family.  My sweet happy husband, my children who made my life one of purpose, my grandchildren who keep me laughing, smiling and offer a degree of motherhood through grand mothering.
I am ever grateful to have been born of righteous parents , who give love and support that never seems to run out. That taught the value of hard work and the joys of  fun.  I am thankful for brother and sisters,   nieces and nephews.
We have been blessed with the choicest blessing the Lord could give 
a Family.                                                                                                                                                        Happy Sunday to all !


Catherine said...

Oh Laurie, you are so amazing. You always go above and beyond. I love the tablecloth and plates and fresh fruit. And I love the idea of two snack times. The last time I was in nursery we did the lesson during snack time and it was so much easier. :D Those kids are so lucky to have you. Do they call you Sister Lolly Pop, yet?

Catherine said...

Adelaide loves your ducks and thinks you should name them, Louisa and Dad. I wonder where she ever came up with those names. =D