Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Wild Adventures of Grandpa and James

James and Grandpa set out on an adventure to the Wild Animal Park. James was the first mate and gave directions to Grandpa as to where to go and what to see.

After arriving they ran down the check list
-Camera- Check, Hat- Check, Pacy-Check, Blanket-Check
Grandpa's Mountain Dew -Check Check

Ducks Located -Check

Ducks Feed-Check

Giraffe Hugged-Check
Many more adventures that day but as you can see Grandpa and James both survived.
Grandpa was a a little tired and had chocolate ice ceam on his shirt which he reported to have fed James...a likely story !!


Katie and Mark said...

That's adorable! It looks like that had a great time. What a lucky little Granson to have such an AMAZING Grandpa! :)

carissa said...

those are very cute pictures i'm glad he had fun with grandpa