Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Holiday Babies


Dear Grandchildren,  Nonnie is slowing down and didn't get to do a special page or each one of you , but you are all loved and treasured and Grandpa and I want to wish you a Happy Birthday.  Aubrey you have your baptism coming up and that is a really special day. You take such good care of all the little cousins.  Bradley you are getting so big and strong and getting ready to start kindergarten soon.  Kenzie you are a sweet young lady and you sure can dance. We had Birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, A Fun Day . A Celebration at Ruby's and tonight we end the year with Kenzie's  Birthday at My Gym with Rubios's and a Nerf War.
I think we may just be celebrated out.  Or maybe its just Grandpa and Nonnie getting a little slower but then we look to Grandpa Grandpa and Grandma Grandma Renouf and think we better step it up because they never seem tired.

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