Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Story Only Goes On Because This Is Where The Story Started

Sadie Hawkins Dance 1974
Monte Vista
The Medearis Story Begins


Leslie said...

Who is that? Is that you?
Look at that baby face. It looks like your baby picture.
Whoooooo are you?????
That's it I'm posting our Sadie Hawkins picture!

Katie and Mark said...

I LOVE it! So cute, and I love the flowers! :)

Familia Henao said...

Sooooo funny.......what were you 14??? I sure hope this was a group!!!

Catherine said...

I love it Laurie! You look so young!!! Like Leslie said, you look like a little baby face. So cute.

Prudy said...

Babes in Arms! Both of you! You're so cute, I want to wrap you both in baby blankets and keep you in my pocket. Are you up for adoption, baby Laurie and baby Mark? I'll start filling out the paperwork now. Hee hee.

Laurie Renouf Medearis said...

Thanks for all the comments. We would love to be adopted Erin , wrapped in warm soft baby blankets and enjoying your fine cooking, sounds Heavenly
As for you Miss Courtney of course it was a group date and if I recall a lot of begging to go. Getready my dear !

Love to all my sisters..I love and miss you all

Babs Renouf said...

Shakespeare could not have written it any better....what do they say about young love? They should go there again and tell how wonderful it really is.....friends at the beginning and friends at last. Thanks for reminding all of us, and they are living that happily ever after in technicolor. thank you for reminding all who love you. Mom