Friday, November 11, 2011

What Happens When Mom's Chat It Up At Chuck E. Cheese

We Admit It ..
We Love Chuck E. Cheese Because 
The Kids Get To Really Get Their Energy Out-We Get To Visit-The Kids Enjoy Each Other-We Get To Visit-The Kids Eat Pizza and Ice Cream-We Get To Visit -Cambel Climbs Into The Game and                                 WE JUMP UP FROM THE TABLE AND STOP VISITING
Seriously if you know this game you know there is a  shield to keep this from happening and the only place that is open is the place where the balls come down to you....In climbs Cambel to take control of his game.
Can you say GOOD TIMES
Only thing missing is The Elisaldez Family But I Bet They Were Out
Making GOOD TIMES In Henderson.
Love and Appreciate With Your Loved Ones It Is Priceless

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