Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Own Little Angel Aubrey Celebrates A 9th Birthday

The Sanders and our family was blessed with our little Christmas angel 9 years ago.
Aubrey May Sanders Celebrates her 9th Birthday Today.
This is a very sweet young lady.
She loves animals, helping others everywhere but especially at school she is known to 
help any student in need and loves to helps students with special needs.
Sometimes Dec. Birthdays are hard but we know that 
December babies are so blessed to be part of the Birthday Celebration month
for our Savior .  I think Aubrey would be one of the finest gifts the wisemen could give the Savior, someone who try's to be just like him.

We Love You Aubrey 
We Are So Proud Of You !!

PS Aubrey if you are 10 we are so sorry...Grandpa and I are trying to remember and of course we
are to old to remember but we are pretty sure we went to your baptism last year.

9 or 10 we love you  !

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