Friday, May 18, 2012

End of The Year Activities

End of The Year Celebration For All Student Interns
This was held at Stadium Pizza one of the places the students work at.
They actually are making pizza's these days.
Our program has come so far.
Great place for a baseball theme.
Made a great movie that the students loved and the pizza was the best.  A great year for students and me !

Special Olympics 2012
I only got a few pictures because we ran a booth in    Olympic Village.
We had a Business Otter Pop Walk.
Recognizing our Business Partners and
Having Fun While Doing So.
I bought 700 Otter Pops and almost everyone was gone.
What a great program to be involved in.
Watch these students from 5 to 22 
doing their very best to compete.
They all leaving feeling like a winners !
Amazing Program proud to be part of this 
District. One they are forward thinking in regard to this program and 
Second They Woke Up And Realized 
What A Deal They Got With Me !!
What a difference a year can make.

In my free time 
I am having fun playing in  the nursery.
It is an adjustment now that I am a  little older.
I have to visit the bathroom more then the kids, 
I get down rarely and entertains every time I get up. 
The little chairs are REALLY little.
and its is always revoltingly HOT 
but...its exactly where I want to be.

If I Obey I'll Be Happy All Day !!

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