Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fabulous February

Aubrey is taking horseback riding lessons !
Learning to tack, saddle and take care of the horses too.

A New Baby For The Sanders
Pink or Blue Revealed 2/25/2013

Blue and Gold Dinner in Henderson Nevada

 The Daddy Daughter Dance and Miss Brooklynne

Scriptures at The Sanders

Avennly and Her Brother Blake 

Baby Lucas Henao
Amazing !

Cambel and The Cat Bonding 

The New Park By Nonnie and Grandpa Opened 
Splash Pad Will Be Turned On Soon

Brad Lost His First Tooth 

Home Improvements At The Sanders

Family Departing to California Leaves Grayson In Tears
and A New Box of MEGA Oreo's Gone !

A Dip In the Spa !!

A Grown Up Beautiful Young Lady 


Kenzie Has Taken Up Gymnastics
Santa Fe Springs ( Cammy and Katie's Home Gym and Teacher )

Misssionary Dinner For Valentines Week

Valentines Breakfast at the Elisaldez House 

Valentine Day Treats !

Heart Braid By Candice 

Pink Pancakes 

Valentine Sweethearts !

Grayson Valentine Mailman

Animal Day and Avennly and Cambel's New School

A Sugar Free DELICIOUS Treat From Mom and Dad
Mint Melt Aways !

Happy Anniversary To 
Grandpa Mark and Nonnie
A New Camera, Roses and A Movie
Lucky Me !

An Adventure With Grandpa and Grandma In Zion
A Wonderful Weekend In  LasVegas and Utah

Piano Playing Is In His Blood and We Are So Proud 

Grandpa Clowning Around for The Grandkids..
This was his Cracker Barrel Souvenir
He Got !

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