Monday, April 29, 2013

5 And 30 Back To Back

One -Two-Three-Four

Thirty Flirty and Thriving 

Its Birthday Time At The Elisaldez Home
April 29th Celebrating 
Grayson's 5th Birthday
April 30th  Celebrating
Katie's 30th Birthday 

Two Special People
Two Special Birthday's
Two Reasons 
For The World To Celebrate !

We Love You Both!

If I Had $100.00 I Would Buy A House

The Kindest Thing I Do Is Help Homeless People

I Want To Be A Professional Basketball Player

My Favorite Birthday Party Would Be
 At Mini Gran Prix With 
Nonnie and Grandpa

Go Rebels  My Future College

My Favorite Wild Animal Is A Jelly Fish 

Mmmmmmmmm Red Robin 

Hi Ho Cherry Oh !

Comfortable Clothes Are Shorts, Flip Flops and A Hat

I Know That Jesus Christ Is Real And He Died For Me 

My Favorite Sweets
Gummi Bears

I'm An Ice Cream Man 

My Saddest Day Is When My Cousins Leave Town 

This Pretty Little Girl
Is Now A Beautiful Young Woman
And She Is Turning 30

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