Friday, August 2, 2013

9 Candles On This Little Misses Cake

 Okay Lets Try This Again
This is the  Real  Deal
Avennly's Birthday Blog....
Happy Happy BirthdayTo Our Sweet Avennly !
You are 9 years old.
Avennly is interested in gymnastics, swimming and clothes.
She is a big sister and loves her little brother Cambel and all her cousins.
Avennly loves her mother and has her keen eye for fashion .



Avennly Loves Christmas

I'll Take A Baby Bottle Pop Anytime

Proud True Blue Dodger Fan


Guess Where I Want To Vacation  ?

I Love Beach Camping
BYU Hawaii-This Is My College Goal

I Love Dogs
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Is The Best

The Kindest Thing I Do Is
Show Compassion For Others
I Love Celery
My Favorite Job Is Cleaning The TV


My Favorite Wild Animal

Shorts Are My Favorite Clothes

 I Love To Sit Down And Eat At Olive Garden

The Thing That's Makes Me Sad
Is When People Don't Listen To Me

I Want To Be A Animal Doctor

I Love Gymnastics

My Favorite Birthday Party Would
Be A Dog Adoption Party
I Know That The Savior and Jesus Christ Love Me.
I Know The Holy Ghost Helps Me If I Obey The Commandments.


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