Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spa Soup

Winter in California is a treat.
We heated the pool up and soaked up that
beautiful sunshine.  Grandpa Mark is awesome
for making sure we have a place to play together as
family, friends and make wonderful memories.
So lets see if I can name all the
ingrediants in our "Spa Soup"
Candice, Billy, Bradley, Aubrey, Amery and Allyson Sanders
Courtney, McKenna, Noah, Kenzie and Lucas Henao's
Cammy Anderson
Katie, Kaden. Ryder, Brooklynne and Grayson Elisaldez
Liz, Charlotte, Wyatt, Jackson Dwelley
Jamice and Austin Dick
Danielle, Jonathan, Katelyn Braden, Addi and Regan Dwelley
Denice, Tyler & Jimmy Land
Diana, Aundruw, Landon and Alana Sweet

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