Saturday, March 1, 2014

World Wide Relief Society General Conference Changing

My New Calling
Holds Major Shifts For Relief Society.
This is the first event that now will
include all young ladies 8 and up.
I used the resources of
my 3 granddaughters who can attend.
Womens General Meeting now includes
all these lovely young ladies. 
Also I have been working on my Ward Conference Talk.
I will speak this year on convenant keeping.
I am so grateful for this opportunity and to serve
the sisters of the Lake Elsinore Stake.
I am sharing with you and blogging for my
posterity to know those things that are
near and dear to my heart.
Below are some of my visuals.
I am so grateful for my testimony.
I know the Savior lives, loves each of us
and waits for our arrival home.
I know as we keep covenants each day
little by little , a cinch by the inch we
become more like the Savior.
We help hasten the work as other
see the Savior's great love and light through each of us.

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