Monday, November 3, 2014

Three Grandchildren One Year Older Austin, Ryder and Brooklynne

September and October Came Way To Quickly
We Celebrated
Three Special Birthday's.

Each one of our grandchildren our so special to their
family, but also to their Grandparents.
We are  so proud of all their accomplishments .
We are proud of their sweet personalities, they way the help their brothers and sisters, the things they do to make their homes a better place, their fun personalities, 
the kindness they show their
cousins, the way they pitch in to help with family events.
I also want to 
mention the extra special dose of kindness
they show Granpa Mark and Nonnie. They help us unload our cars, serve us cool drinks, carry our bags and even try watch our spending on them.  I appreciate their love of Heavenly Father, their sweet prayers and the way they try to be like Jesus. 




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