Saturday, May 7, 2016

Keepng Up With The Joy of Keeping Up

Blaze Pizza Night-So Yummy

Big News-Sad News
Kobe Retires
The Black Mamba Ends His Reign !

A Night With the Globe Trotters
Grayson's Birthday Celebration

The Sheep Are Back

A Weekend In Bishop
No Fish
But Lots of Snow

Everyone Is Trying To Eat Healthy
Fresh Veggies On Everyone's Menu

Grayson and Rocky Bonding

Birthday Boy Bill With Two of His Sweetie's

Tea Time For Two 

The First Grade Class Presents
How Does Your Garden Grow
Cambel- The Weed

Disney Day's

Katie Has A Birthday
What A Gift

The Count Down Begins

Our Sweet Amery Joins The Church

Some of My Favorite Things In May 2016

Now a quick update on Mark and I.
Mark continues to work harder and harder.
He travels the US, helps Greg around town and is the best helpmate
I have ever had.  I appreciate all the support he gives.

This past month had a pretty scary health scare.
A rather nasty case of pneumonia.
Spent three days in the hospital .
I was so grateful for my family .  My father and mother
were in town.  I was able to receive a blessing of healing
from Mark and my Father.  Cammy,  being the closest
living to us, picked up a lot of extra responsibility taking care
of me.  I love her dearly and her knowledge of so many
medical terms and practices was so helpful. 
The entire family rallied round me.
Mark had to fly out of town and it broke his heart.
I had a lot of time to consider all the blessings
of good health, family, friends and above all
the love of my Heavenly Father/

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