Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Taste of Our Book Of Mormon Tour 2017

Off We Go
First Class Baby !

Mexico City 


Mexico City
National Museum of Anthropology

So much fun, laughter and love ! 
Villa Maria
Mexico City

Teotihuacan in Central America 
The Pyramid of the Moon and The Sun 


               This is Nacho.  He was our Tour Guide and                           our Brother in the Gospel.
He had such a strong testimony.  He shared so many connections between the Mesoamerica
culture that is in line with the Book of Mormon.
The trip strengthen my testimony of The BOM
and the Saviors love for all his children.
It has made want to read the BOM and
share my learning.  One thing that stood out to me is that entire nations and cities that were built were swept of the face of the earth.  They disappeared and no knows why.
We know from the BOM that when we follow the Savior and do as he has asked we will prosper in the land.  We will be happy.
We know that disobedience leads to destruction and unhappiness.

Climbed Every Pyramid

Mina and Glen Rawson
Tour Guide and Tour Leader

Dana and Dad
They Live In Mesquite

Uncle Lloyd

Lake Atitian

Our Best Friend for Miles Around Guatemala

 The Tree Of Life

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