Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Characters Make The World Go Round

I have been trying to collect as many pictures as I could from my Fabulous Fifty Character Birthday Party. Fun, Family, Friends and delicious food. A perfect party ...I want the same party when I cross over to the next life. ( So let it be written, so let it be done) Have a great fun party for me. We had some fantastic tables and I hope to be able to post those pictures soon because I really loved all the creativity. We had Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Willie Wonka,( As you can imagine this was the kids favorite, a real live candy store) What's Up Doc, Pirates, Princesses, Disneyland, Peanuts, Westerns, Fancy Nancy, The Chipmonks and I Love Lucy and The Wizard of Oz. Thank you to aall who took pictures that night and shared them. The Montano's were so sweet and made a book and movie with tons of great pictures for me to remember this Snap Crackle and tons of POP Party

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