Saturday, July 24, 2010

Croc & Rock With Mrs. Cammy's 2nd Recital

Another extremly successful event for The Wenning Family.
Croc and Rock With Mrs Cammy is a successful business venture with Cammy and Abel Wenning working together to promote and sustain this wonderful opportunity of entrepreneurship
Cammy is a delight to watch as she works with her students.  She is kind, positive and encouraging.
I was so proud of her program and the way she addressed the family and friends that were there to support their dancers.  Abel works right along her side in all aspects and I bet he could even teach the dances if needs be.  Avennly is a chip off the old block and really understands showmenship. Her Dancing Grandma would have loved to see those little tappers today. I t was also so nice to see Grandma Stephanie, Daddy Justin and Jo Jo right their in the front with flowers, balloons and tons of support.
  Cambel is the best sport at the event cheering for all the dancers and performing right along side
them in his stroller.  I am told he knows every dance.
The Wenning Family is loved in their community and ward.  The kind positive words filled with respect from so many people who attended today came across very strongly .
Congratulations to Cammy and Abel.

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Katie and Mark said...

That turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! Good job Cammy!