Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference An Answer To Our Personal Needs

I was lucky enough to enjoy 180th Semiannual LDS General Conference while visiting The Elisaldez Family.  We had breakfast and then prepared to watch conference.  The kids had a special table with their conference packets from Primary .  Katie reminded me that the previous year her ward had asked that before conference you write down two or three questions or concerns you might have about your life and the gospel and they promised you would hear the answers to your own personal questions.  I remember Katie had shared her question and I also remember her saying that the title of one talk was the complete answer to her question.  I remember feeling the spirit when she shared this story with me.  So today we both wrote out questions and proceeded to ponder and listen to the teachings.  What a wonderful morning sharing in the spirit with my family.  I have  a testimony of Jesus Christ and his great love for us.  My questions were addressed in clear, concise words of wisdom.  Boyd K. Packard's words spoke to my heart and I heard the spirit whisper to me, the answer was for me.  I also loved the words of the prophet who addresses my second question.  I try to be very thoughtful and  thankful...I remember thank you notes and appreciation but I had to stop and ponder do I really live a life of gratitude,  in my demeanor. Does that gratitude giving me light and hope in a sometimes dark world.   I know I can live with more peace and happiness if I live a life of gratitude for all the wonderful blessings I have.  I am so grateful for conference and the opportunity to be spiritually fed and drink from the living waters.  My soul has been nourished today. I am grateful for a husband who loves me and our family.  He sustains me and brightens my life. 

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Katie and Mark said...

I'm so glad you guys were hear to enjoy it with us. I too am going to work on being more greatful. No matter how tough a situation, we have SO much to be greatful for. We are truly blessed. :)