Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mark and Lauries Excellent Adventure To Henderson

We had an excellent adventure with the Elisaldez Family. 
We started our journey Friday afternoon in a thunder and lightening storm.  So awesome for a Fall trip.  We were greeted by our grandchildren and their parents for a yummy dinner at Red Robin. 
Of course we had to stop by the Halloween Store to scare up a little Halloween fun ! We had a delicious breakfast the following morning at the Green Valley Original Pancake House. This has to be a family tradition when visiting.  Our breakfast was
so yummy. Fresh Strawberries and Cream ! 
We walked around the District to burn some of our breakfast off . 
A a trip to Target, the movies to see Nanny Mc Phee Part 2,  and then we played in a warm rain storm.  We spent the remainder of our visit  making Halloween crafts,  watching Halloween movies, sampling  Krispy Kreme Halloween Sprinkled Donuts and one of the best parts was watching conference together and sharing our love of the scriptures and stories of the Savior.

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Katie and Mark said...

Thank you SO much for coming up! It mean so much to us, and we all love having you guys. What a fun weekend.