Thursday, July 21, 2011

Familia Mia Amore

Let me extend my apologies to two of the most important people missing from these photo's . First the beautiful bride Angela Montano and The Baptism Boy Reeve Brisco.  I am a very willing photo taker but not really capable.  I am so sorry that I missed their pictures.  I hope you can sense how special both events were from what photos I did get.  It was just a wonderful 10 days getting to visit here and there with all those people we love so much.  Believe me each and everyone of you who could not attend were MISSED so much.  Their is so much love in our family starting from way at the top...hence the best picture of this grouping starts with....             Mom and Dad....Grandma and Grandpa,                                 Grandpa Grandpa and Grandma Grandma.
Love to each and every family and two thumbs up for all the parents who do amazing jobs at raising wonderful children                         who are all a pleasure to be around !

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